Colour and material supply

PENTANOVA develops your complete system for the preparation and supply of all types of coatings, thickeners and waxes.

We deliver your customized solution for paint and material supply - a new system tailored to your requirements.

Paint and material supply for industrial painting

PENTANOVA plans, designs and realizes the ideal concept for your sealing or wax application.

We create the individual solution in the field of paint supply, according to your wishes and requirements.

Do you need to upgrade or retrofit an existing system? No problem. We'll take care of that too.

PENTANOVA makes you fit for the future and ensures that your system runs safely and efficiently.

Your complete solution for paint and material supply

symbolic image paint supply and material supply in industrial painting technology pipe system with many pipes

PENTANOVA offers complete systems for color and material supply for the preparation and distribution of coatings, thickeners and waxes in turn-key format.

We develop the most cost-effective solution for you and take care of the installation and commissioning of your new system.

Painting room layout, pipe routing, brackets and hydraulic calculations are of course part of the engineering.

Depending on your requirements, we can develop a brand new painting system or bring your old one back up to scratch with an upgrade or retrofit.

Our painting systems are suitable for a wide range of products, such as vehicle bodies, metal parts in general, plastic parts (such as bumpers) and much more.

Areas of application in paint and material supply

  • Painting rooms and complete distribution systems
  • Systems for large and small quantities (decentralized systems)
  • For automatic (robotized) and manual application lines
  • One-component and two-component paints

Main components that you receive from us

  • Stainless steel tanks
  • Pumping stations, consisting of pneumatic pumps, filters, valves and instrumentation
  • Stainless steel distribution and return pipes with thermal insulation
  • Electronic fuel pumps
  • Ventilation system and control of ambient temperature and humidity
  • Color temperature control systems
  • Application guns

Do you have any questions about our paint and material supply systems? Please contact us directly. 

Your advantages with PENTANOVA

Our passion for technology and striving for optimization makes you as our customer flexible, efficient and competitive. We develop the right solution for every requirement.

When implementing our projects, we focus on the highest quality and adherence to deadlines. Even after the project has been completed, we are still there for you, as comprehensively as you wish. 

We are internationally positioned and think globally. Thanks to our compact structure, however, we are as agile and nimble as a medium-sized company. 

You come first for us! Our relationships are characterised by reliability and trust. We meet agreed deadlines and bring innovative ideas on board. 

You benefit from our many years of experience and extensive references in the industrial painting. Our employees are true professionals in their field and apply their expertise to your painting system.

Do you have questions about color and material supply?

Please feel free to contact us. Personal contact and cooperation in a spirit of partnership are our top priorities.