Electrified floor track system

Electrified floor track systems (EFTS) from PENTANOVA offer highly flexible solutions for automated goods transport with overhead conveyors.

Even where space is limited and room height is low, electrified floor track systems thus create efficiency in material flow.

Electrified floor track systems from PENTANOVA

Electric floor track systems from PENTANOVA

PENTANOVA offers highly flexible solutions for the automated transport of goods with overhead conveyors. Depending on space conditions, payloads and throughput, electrified floor track systems with one or two tracks (single or Twin-Shuttle) are used. In this way, we reliably implement complete intralogistics solutions even for complex system layouts and special requirements.

Electric floor conveyors are an ideal alternative to overhead conveyors or stationary conveyor technology. Depending on the requirements, a wide variety of load handling devices (e.g. roller conveyors or suspension chain conveyors) are used. In addition to pallets, other load carriers can also be transported. Thus, thanks to the modular design, you get an individually adapted high-performance conveyor system for optimum material flow.

PENTANOVA solutions stand for high quality and reliability. Thanks to our extensive service offer we are also a reliable partner after the project has been completed, making sure that your system functions perfectly.

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EFTS one track

electrified floor track system: Monorail floor track

Thanks to its innovative rail and running gear concept, the monorail floor conveyor can achieve very high throughput rates of more than 400 pallets per hour in the high-bay warehouse prezone. The extremely torsionally rigid rail system allows tight curve radii and thus highly flexible and space-saving routing.

The low space requirement and high throughput rates make the monorail floor conveyor particularly interesting for material flow in existing buildings. A reliable and highly efficient electrified floor track system solution, even with low room heights!

EFTS two track: Single-Shuttle

If an intralogistics transport solution is required for complex plant layouts and high throughput rates, the PENTANOVA double rail floor conveyor is an ideal solution. Dynamic and with fast-switching, compact switches, it is suitable for space-saving layouts. The low overall height, its low weight per unit area, and the easy scaling of the system capacity by adding further trolleys make it the ideal solution for expansion in existing buildings.

The two-rail floor conveyor enables high throughput rates, which can even be increased to over 600 pallets per hour in the high-speed expansion stage. And this with payloads of up to 1,500 kg per vehicle.

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EFTS two track: Twin-Shuttle

Twin Shuttle double rail floor conveyor

With the performance-enhancing alternative Twin-Shuttle two pallets can be transported simultaneously. This allows throughputs to be increased to up to 800 pallets per hour and the payload doubled to up to 3,000 kg per vehicle. The Twin-Shuttle is also highly flexible, allowing pallets to be picked up or delivered individually or simultaneously and load carriers of different dimensions to be transported.

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Quadro track

Quadro track

The Quadro track is a special form of the two-rail floor track. Here, direction changes without curves are made possible by the use of special Quadro switches. The bogies used here are specially designed for this purpose.

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EFTS for deep freeze areas

Electric railroad for underground logistics

PENTANOVA's highly dynamic floor conveyor systems operate reliably, reliably and with low maintenance even at low temperatures of down to -30 °C thanks to the use of our robust and proven technology. We use freezer-proven and energy-efficient components, as well as freezer-certified electrics and sensor technology.

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