Chassis assemblies

PENTANOVA designs, programs and supplies the electrotechnical components for your chassis assembly. 

We make sure that everything runs smoothly at the so-called "wedding".

Control technology for chassis assembly in the automotive industry

PENTANOVA develops and supplies the electrotechnical components for the chassis assembly production step.

Our products and solutions stand for high quality and reliability. To ensure this, we have developed a wide range of services that benefit our customers worldwide. Our employees design, install and wire all electrical components and commission the system on your premises. Even after your system has been commissioned, we will continue to be there for you if you wish.

Would you like to find out more about our chassis assembly options? We will answer all your questions in a personal meeting.


How the chassis assembly works

During chassis assembly, the engine, drivetrain and body of a car are joined together. This so-called "marriage" is the high point in the production process of a car.

Watch our short film to find out more about the individual assembly process steps and how materials are supplied.

Your advantages with PENTANOVA

PENTANOVA develops smart industrial processes. For you and your company, this means that we think outside the box and develop individual solutions for your requirements.

Systems developed by PENTANOVA are characterized by their high flexibility and scalability. Thanks to our customized services we can constantly improve and optimize your system.

You come first for us! Our relationships are characterised by reliability and trust. We meet agreed deadlines and bring innovative ideas on board. 

We are a medium-sized company that has positioned itself well internationally. As a result, we offer full global clout for the development of your project. At the same time remain flexible and agile.

When implementing our projects, we focus on the highest quality and adherence to deadlines. Even after the project has been completed, we are still there for you, as comprehensively as you wish. 

Do you have questions about chassis assembly from PENTANOVA?

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