Conveyor technology

PENTANOVA takes care of the smooth and efficient operation of your paint shop with the right conveyor technology.

We design the right conveyor technology solution for your painting line. With the help of floor or overhead conveyor technology, we enable the best possible transportation of your painted parts.

Conveyor technology for industrial painting

PENTANOVA develops your fully automated conveyor technology solution to suit your cycle times and the desired throughputs - regardless of what you want to paint and how extensive your painting line is.

Our conveyor technology solutions make use of the latest control and automation technologies. This enables us to achieve greater efficiency in the movement of materials and goods in painting lines.

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Overhead conveyor system: increasing the efficiency of your painting system

conveyor technology manufactured by pentanova parts are transported by conveyor railway

The monorail has a continuous movement concept with a predefined speed. It offers a reliable solution for automated installations in the industrial industrial painting.

PENTANOVA develops different types of overhead conveyors for you, depending on the requirements you for your painting process have.

These are the main advantages of an overhead conveyor system

  • Space-saving due to compact design
  • Simplified control
  • Possible integration of robot systems
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Low maintenance thanks to automatic lubrication devices

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Climbing conveyor system: Durable and versatile

symbol high bay warehouse control technology

Climbing conveyor systems from PENTANOVA transport your painted parts of various sizes and loads to their destination.

This movement concept is particularly flexible and enables different directions and speeds thanks to intelligent control.

These are the main advantages of a climbing conveyor system

  • Efficient operation
  • Increased process stability
  • Durable with low maintenance requirements
  • Energy and space savings thanks to compact design
  • Automatic lubrication system based on oil or grease
  • Low noise level
  • Intelligent control system


You would like to know more about the durable chain conveyor systems for your paint shop? We will be happy to advise you.

Spindle conveyors: Robust conveyor technology solution

Spindle conveyors are very versatile and robust. They are particularly suitable for Systems for painting plastic parts. Spindle conveyors are also very popular in the wheel industry.

These are the main advantages of a spindle conveyor

  • Quantity optimization
  • Resistant to moisture and temperatures up to 250ºC
  • Simplified control
  • Possible integration of robot systems
  • High process stability and low maintenance requirements
  • Cost-efficient solution

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Skid conveyor technology: Maintenance-free and space-saving

The skid conveyor is a floor conveyor system with a drag system. 

PENTANOVA's skid conveyor technology is ideal for connecting painting, production, assembly, packaging and storage lines. 

We develop skid systems that are maintenance-free and therefore particularly suitable for use in clean rooms. 

These are the main advantages of skid conveyor technology

  • Space-saving, thanks to compact design
  • Expandable, thanks to modular design
  • Easy maintenance as it is installed directly on the floor
  • Easy to clean (ideal for painting lines)
  • Automatic lubrication possible
  • Maintenance-free systems


Would you like to know how a skid-conveyor technology fit into your painting line? We will answer your question personally.

MHS conveyor technology: Flexible transportation of your workpieces

With MHS conveyor technology, no chain is required for the drive. It moves the transport units with your workpieces by means of friction and so-called telescopic movements (push and pull).

MHS conveyor systems are particularly flexible and can transport parts with a wide range of dimensions. This allows you to make optimum use of your production area.

The modular design of this conveyor technology for industrial painting makes it adaptable and expandable. We create expandable designs for you that can be individually adapted to your requirements.

These are the main advantages of MHS conveyor technology

  • Compact design
  • Modular and expandable
  • Height adjustable (ergonomic working possible)
  • Can perform forward and backward movements
  • Process variations and cycle times can be programmed
  • Large carrying capacity with low space requirement

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electrified monorail system especially for paint shops

symbolic picture conveyor technology painting line white car body is conveyed by orange-colored electric conveyor belt

The electrified monorail system offers one of the most flexible material conveying systems in industrial painting.

Each trolley is equipped with an independent motor. This means you can select different targets, speeds and processing times for each part in the painting process.

electrified monorail system-systems from PENTANOVA transport a wide range of products between painting, assembly and storage lines.

These are the main advantages of the electrified monorail system

  • Number of transport trolleys adaptable to production requirements
  • No oily conveyor chain = your production stays clean
  • Process variations and cycle times can be programmed


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Your advantages with PENTANOVA

We offer a comprehensive product portfolio in the field of conveyor technology - especially for industrial painting. This is complemented by our expertise in the field of IT and control technology.

PENTANOVA develops smart industrial processes. For you and your company, this means that we think outside the box and develop individual solutions for your requirements.

We have decades of experience in intralogistics. As a former division of the plant engineering company Eisenmann, we have extensive expertise in the planning, development and implementation of individual material flow projects. We continue to meet our high quality standards under our new name in the same proven form.

PENTANOVA has stood for reliable execution and project management for years. As an efficient project partner, we take agreed dates and deadlines very seriously and keep to them. 

Our passion for technology and striving for optimization makes you, our customer, flexible, efficient and competitive. We develop the right solution for every requirement.

Do you have questions about conveyor technology for industrial painting?

Please feel free to contact us. Personal contact and cooperation in a spirit of partnership are our top priorities.